Spring Bounty Deluxe

Spring Bounty Deluxe


Our Spring Bounty Deluxe includes two additional products: Renew Salt Scrub and Herbal Hand Salve.

Hurray for sunshine and blooms! Achoo! After a long and wet winter, we have an abundance of pollen in the air. We have handcrafted our Spring Bounty to support respiratory health and assist with detoxifying the body. All of our products are made with intention, using local and organic ingredients whenever possible. Rejuvenate, renew and breathe in spring.

Allergy Support Tea (1.35oz): lemon verbena, marshmallow root, mullein, nettle, calendula

Earth Spice Blend (1.7oz): sesame seeds, nutritional yeast, lion's mane, garlic, nettles, nori, sea salt

Ritual Bath Soak (5.5oz):magnesium sulfate, himalayan salt, bladderwrack, rose petals, vitamin E, essential oil of rose geranium

Renew Salt Scrub (8oz): sea salt, sunflower oil, essential oils of eucalyptus and rosemary, dried peppermint

Herbal Hand Salve (2oz): olive oil, chickweed, yarrow, plantain, lavender, calendula, beeswax, rose geranium essential oil

Our Spring Bounty is packaged in a reusable 100% organic cotton custom Bounty + Bloom zippered pouch.

*When using essential oil products we recommend first testing a small amount on skin. This is especially important for children.  

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