Mushroom Cocoa + Strainer

Mushroom Cocoa + Strainer


Mushroom Cocoa (2oz): ganoderma applanatum, cocoa powder, green cardamom, orange peel, salt

Our Mushroom Cocoa was crafted to nurture and uplift during long winter days. Made with ganoderma applanatum (or artist conk), this Sonoma County wild foraged mushroom has similar immune boosting benefits to those of reishi. The fungi is ground to a fine powder and blended with cocoa powder and cardamom, which are naturally antioxidative and anti-inflammatory. The result is a delight to the senses, equally delicious in warm milk, or mixed into coffee for a healthy mocha. Once the mixture is poured through the enclosed strainer, you’ll notice a small amount of fibrous “grinds” remain. If you desire, these can be ingested for additional health benefits. When the cocoa is finished, please compost the 100% biodegradable pouch.

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